"It wasn't just a simple surface massage. She touched every part of my body that has been sore and did a deep muscle massage and range-of-motion that was amazing."
— Casey
"Therapeutic stretching, loosening. Hit pressure points and released tension without pain."
— Laura

"I fell asleep, so soothing! Interactive, she used a couple different techniques. Great feedback on what I could do to reduce neck pain. Explained a lot of terms I hadn't heard before." 
— Ezela
"What a wonderful treat for oneself or for anybody. Jen is both gentle and soothing yet firm and able to go deeper when necessary. 
— Dave
"Jen always know exactly where the tender spots and knots that need to be worked on are located. I have never had a more thorough and relaxing massage! I am a regular now and feel the chronic pain in my body beginning to disappear."
- Marie, October 2016


"Jenny is a skilled technical LMT but with a wonderful sense of what the client's needs are. An excellent overall experience. I will be back!"
- Anonymous, October 2016

"Jenny is an exceedingly skilled massage therapist, always attentive to her clients needs, and constantly ensuring that you have everything that you need, from water to a damp washcloth to wipe off your face at the end. The environment is expertly crafted with the flameless candles affording the perfect amount of light as well as the beautiful essential oil blends that Jenny creates herself! All in all, I can't wait to go back."
-Anonymous, November 2016